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Faith Like Dogs

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Separation Anxiety

Listen to this post: Some dogs seem to be more prone to separation anxiety than others. Not too long ago, our Boomer chewed up TWO dog beds in ONE week when we weren’t home. Mama was not happy. Years ago, Read more…

Lean on Me

Sometimes in my life, it just seems as though nothing can go right. Nothing is going to get better. There’s nothing stable to hold on to. And there’s no one to lean on. Sound familiar? Little things like hitting every Read more…

Change of Heart

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Help me! Help me!” This was all I could get out after I fell fast and hard on the concrete floor of our barn this past summer. My left elbow had just taken the brunt of the Read more…


Our dogs are always waiting with anticipation for something. When it’s close to one of their meals or taking our morning walk, I have to plan my next move carefully. One false move and I have the whole gang up Read more…


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