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Faith Like Dogs

Category: Self-Control

Road Apples (Part 2)

Listen to this post: Chasing a moving target seems to be a thrill for most dogs. Some chase squirrels, others chase cars, and some just plain run after anything that moves. Our neighbor’s dogs, Wilma and Nala, ran after a Read more…

Road Apples (Part 1)

Our dogs enjoy eating cow “road apples,” and recently it’s been the season for calves. These cute, big-eyed creatures, who must leave a great tasting variety of apple, cause our dogs to seek out these delicacies like a foodie seeks Read more…

Gentle Correction

Dogs, and kids, don’t come out knowing it all. They come with no manual or troubleshooting instructions, so we have to train them with gentle correction to learn manners and follow our leading. MOVING Soon, Bruce and I and our Read more…


Have you ever noticed that dogs seem to have an instinctive ability to rest whenever they need it? Some are more energetic than others, but they always seem to know when to nap. In fact, our dogs can fall asleep Read more…

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